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Prepaire is an Ecosystem

Our Story

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PREPAiRE is using a proprietary algorithm based on Convolutional Deep Neural Networks (CNN) and Generative Adversarial' Networks (GANs), to build reactive chemical and biological fitting models enabling the identification ligands to protein targets, protein-protein interactions, generating molecular structures with specified properties combining both functionality and drug ability, as well as preparing synthetic data for specific drug discovery and personalized treatment.

The convergence of CRISPR, IPS and Genome sequencing has established a new clinical utility for disease treatment and prevention. PREPAiRE is enabling precision medicine with intending to integrate whole-genome sequencing with deep phenotyping to data-visualize clinical IPSC panels. The platform combines the in-silico prediction with high throughput wet-lab validation in an iterative cycle that empowers continuous improvement and increases efficiency, accuracy, and reliability which are critical to drug R&D.


Our Statement

The concurrence of state-of-the art Artificial Intelligence and chemical retrosynthesis has enabled PREPAiRE to systematically integrate target identification, validation, lead discovery, optimization, drug synthesis, and preclinical testing into a single platform.
Al accelerated drug discovery, allowing for a fast-track discovery and repurposing of the existing molecule, intelligent clinical design, and coupled with in-house manufacturing. Many of the bottlenecks in drug discovery and development could be alleviated if only we could predict earlier in the disease process which drugs are likely to work and for which patients.

At PREPAiRE, we are enabling better predictions throughout the pharmaceutical value chain in a single platform.

Explore Our Features

Prepaire™ is an in-silico to in-vitro fully integrated one-stop-shop for discovery, repurposing and personalized medicine. The platform, or as we call it, the Operating-System, integrates:


• AI synthetic chemistry, binding autonomous drug discovery and repurposing 

• Automated drug and vaccine production, to “print” any drug molecule directly in the lab

• Genome sequencing and creation of in-silico digital twins 

• IPSC (Induced pluripotent stem cells) to directly test the drugs or vaccines on human analogues / organelles based on the specific characteristic of a demographic or a population 

• An integrated BSL4 LAAS (Lab as a Service) to complete the in-vitro and pre-clinical

The platform can provide big-pharma, biotech innovators or academia with significant advantages: 


• Dramatically reduce drug discovery time

• Validate or “Fail-Fast” to allow pharma to save cost 

• Test drugs for specific populations/demographics/phenotypes

• Removing complex material transfer between different locations, saving time and errors 

• Potential to repurpose molecular libraries in a fraction of time and cost 

• Improve Clinical trial outcomes and reducing costs 

• Reduce adverse effects and negative interactions


Inclusive Research & Design

Once complete, PREPAiRE will be a massively scaled network; we will provide a docking station for how stakeholders approach drug development. On a B2C level, PREPAiRE is a platform capable of improving personal health with lifestyle choices, and accelerating treatment discovery, testing, and availability. PREPAiRE is an eco-system. The pairing of user awareness and professional collaboration will be an essential catalyst to PREPAiRE’s hyperscaling, creating a ubiquitous product between industry, delivery, and patient.


The outcome of PREPAiRE accelerates all steps of drug discovery and development, including target discovery, lead optimization, toxicity assessment, and trial design.

Progressive Scientific Collaboration


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